Adaptive Media Player

Adaptive Media Player

Customize and simplify your media player deployment with a dedicated team of experts.

The Akamai Adaptive Media Player (AMP) provides a simple way to insert a quality media playback experience in your web, mobile, and connected-TV applications with SDKs for web, iOS, tvOS, Android, and Chromecast. Typically you have to integrate a lot of components for quality video application. AMP pre-instruments various capabilities for Playback, Delivery, Monetization, and Measurement – all from various sources – into one modular package.



    Key Features


    1. Align Metrics to Customers – monitor and stay on top of all the key indicators that directly impact your daily business performance
    2. Dimension level drill down – use the many dimensions and metrics offered by Media Reports to quickly drill down and discover major trends and engagement levels by your audience
    3. API Access – access your data with an API to use in any other desired user-interface (UI)
    4. Intuitive and easy UI – manage and track your data using an upgraded dashboard that features easy downloads to pdf formats and recurring email setup
    5. Custom data fields – customize your data in ways that allow you to easily access and share metrics that only matter to your business



    Whether you’re building out your OTT service or offering an enterprise webcasting application, Akamai AMP provides a single SDK that pre-integrates playback, delivery, monetization, and measurement to ensure a fast, reliable, quality deployment. This can greatly reduce your work and give you a faster time to market.

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    Technical Support for AMP is provided by a dedicated, specialized team within Akamai, and they work closely with Akamai Technical Support. For player applications, it’s not always clear where a problem may lie, and AMP support will always help drive to resolution, regardless of the source of the issue.

    Specialized Professional Services personnel provide implementation assistance for customers, offering high-touch integration help for both simple and complex implementations on all platforms for web, mobile, and TV.

    Additionally, the AMP team is continually updating the player to adapt to the new customer requirements, changes in technical ecosystem, and evolving industry business requirements.





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