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Akamai Control Center is Akamai's redesigned web-based management console and the next generation of the Luna interface. After a successful beta period with insightful feedback, all customers now have access to this new experience and can manage Akamai’s products and services through the new Control Center interface. 

Control Center was designed and developed with users in mind. The Akamai team engaged real users at all stages of the design and development process, from defining problems to conceiving concepts to validating use cases. The result is a management console that provides you with quick access to important tasks while allowing you to focus on what matters most. The Control Center redesign makes it simpler for users to manage Akamai's products and services, all within a refreshed and modern interface with an easier learning curve.

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Below you'll find further details and UI examples that show how the new Control Center simplifies your experience and improves your productivity.

Note: Akamai also offers an array of interfaces for DevOps-focused customers, including RESTful APIs, Akamai CLI, and SDKs that can be used to access and manage Akamai’s products and services.

Home page

When you log in to Control Center, you’ll land on a brand-new home page (shown below) where you can accomplish common tasks without navigating elsewhere. The new home page instantly surfaces important information, preventing the need to dig through multiple menus so that you can be more productive and efficient with your valuable time.

home page

Status cards

At the center of the new home page are status cards. These expandable cards provide high-level information or detailed status of Akamai services. See what’s going on and take charge right from your home page, with status cards for each of your services. The cards provide quick navigation to manage your services; when something needs your attention, the cards help you investigate and take action.

For example, with the Properties card (shown below), you can see a list of properties with corresponding hostnames, the last time each property was activated, and whether the property has any active alerts. You can engage the unhealthy properties from within the card to better understand the issue. You can also create new properties right from the expanded card itself—no need to navigate the menu.

expanded card

Streamlined navigation

The new Control Center has a completely redesigned navigation to simplify access to essential applications, tools, and tasks, and includes helpful pop-up-tips (Fig. A, below) make it even more seamless. It helps you focus on what’s important, while also giving you the ability to explore the full Akamai product and service catalog (Fig. B, below).

Figure A
menu 2
Figure B

Naming in the new menu is more descriptive to help you find what you’re looking for more quickly. If you’re familiar with Luna Control Center and you want help finding an application in the new navigation, you can open the menu and filter (shown below) for keywords in the description, including on the classic app name, to find what you’re looking for.

menu 3

Notifications and account activity

Accessible from the Control Center header, the Notifications panel (shown below) slides in from the right to reveal a scrollable, chronological list of personalized notices from Akamai or Control Center applications. You can expand entries or dismiss them individually to minimize clutter. On the second tab of the side panel is Account activity, which provides a broader view of actions taken across the Control Center account.

The Notifications and Account activity notices also keep you informed about changes to your services that you may want to act on; from this panel, you can initiate a long-running action, jump to another task, and be notified when the job is complete.


Create button and your activity

The Create button (shown below) is a quick way to start a variety of tasks—including creating a property, edge hostname, TLS certificate, or an alert—without having to navigate the menu. The Your activity section keeps a running list of the most recent tasks you’ve visited. This comes in handy as a quick and easy way to get back to the task at hand.


Get Started

It’s easy to start using the new Akamai Control Center. Just follow these three steps:

  1. Log in to control.akamai.com using your existing Control Center credentials.
  2. Click the big blue Try the new UI button:try the new UI


  3. View the welcome carousel (shown below) where you’ll have the opportunity to take a quick tour to learn more about the new experience.getting started carousel


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