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Property Manager API

The Property Manager API (a.k.a. PAPI) offers a programmatic interface to manage how Akamai edge servers process requests, responses, and objects served over the Akamai platform. A distributed property configuration encapsulates all the rules for how to process end-user requests for your web assets. Like the Luna Control Center’s Property Manager, this API lets you modify your property configurations and activate them on Akamai staging or production networks. The API allows you to access the same features rapidly and flexibly using your own tools. PAPI allows you to generate properties dynamically, associate them with dynamically generated hostnames, and to create new CP codes to report on your content’s traffic.

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Property Manager Variables

If you’ve done any kind of programming and have some experience with the Property Manager configuration tool, you’ll find variables fairly intuitive: Simplify configurations by reducing the number of rules and behaviors; Improve self serviceability by replacing or extending advanced metadata; Automate redirects, forward path rewrites, HTTP header and cookie manipulation; Move origin functionality to the edge.

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Custom Behaviors

Custom Behaviors is a new Property Manager capability that allows you to add, move, or copy advanced metadata from config to config without requiring professional services.

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Fast Activation

With Fast Activation, you can publish property configuration changes from the Property Manager UI or API to the Akamai production network in minutes, enabling you to release multiple changes per day. You can also use Fast Fallback to quickly revert back to the previous state in case anything goes wrong.

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Configuration Snippets

Configuration Snippets enable multiple teams to own different pieces of your configuration and empower them to work independently in parallel. With Configuration Snippets functionality, you can easily delegate portions of the configuration, manage permissions locally, and source-control the snippets based on your organizational needs.

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Bulk Configuration Management

Bulk Configuration enables you to search for and update several configuration files at once via a single API call, saving manual and error prone efforts. 

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API Gateway

Akamai API Gateway provides a single entry point for all API consumers and governs all API traffic. The Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform™ provides API Gateway functionality that maximizes scalability and reliability while enabling you to push governance, authentication, and authorization to the edge. 

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