Akamai for DevOps




Akamai Pipeline

Akamai Pipeline promotes your configuration changes automatically with the new pipeline command in the Akamai CLI for Property Manager; teams can now move faster and avoid error-prone manual steps when moving changes through their dev, QA, production, and other environments.

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Akamai CLI

Automate the creation, configuration, and activation of property configurations. Purge your content from the edge in five seconds or less. Create your own custom commands. Includes a package manager to make it easy to install and update new tools.

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Property Manager API

The Property Manager API (PAPI) offers a programmatic interface to manage how Akamai edge servers process requests, responses, and objects served over the Akamai platform. A distributed property configuration encapsulates all the rules for how to process end-user requests for your web assets. Like the Luna Control Center’s Property Manager, this API lets you modify your property configurations and activate them on Akamai staging or production networks. The API enables you to access the same features rapidly and flexibly using your own tools. PAPI also allows you to generate properties dynamically, associate them with dynamically generated hostnames, and to create new CP codes to report on your content’s traffic.

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Terraform Integration

Use Terraform to automate the deployment of Akamai cache and configuration alongside the rest of your infrastructure.

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