Akamai for DevOps





DataStream is a reporting API service that lets you monitor all transactions delivered through Akamai's platform, and sends the transaction log data to one or more destinations.

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SIEM Splunk Connector

Push SIEM event information to Splunk.

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With mPulse, you can monitor the changes you make to ensure they hit your business SLAs. Automate with Jenkins and other DevOps tools using APIs to ensure that any changes you make meet performance requirements maintain performance budgets, and pass-fail continuous integration builds.

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Diagnostic Tools API

Once you extend your web content onto the Akamai edge network and apply various Akamai features to accelerate and manipulate content, you need to be able to troubleshoot any problems users may encounter. The Diagnostic Tools API allows you to diagnose many common problems Akamai customers experience when delivering content to end users. It offers a programmatic alternative to many of the features available in the Luna Control Center under the Diagnostic Tools menu.

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Alerts API

Leverage the global Akamai monitoring infrastructure to send real-time alerts (email, text, and/or Slack) about the status of Akamai service and your origin infrastructure.

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Cloud Monitor

Cloud Monitor is a real-time, push API service that delivers critical transaction data to your big data, analytics, or monitoring environments. Cloud Monitor provides real-time insights into a wide range of data captured as global users interact with your web properties, including basic transaction details, network and client performance metrics, security alerts, network stats, location data, and cookie information. The Cloud Monitor API feed can be integrated with your existing monitoring and analytics tools, or you can leverage out-of-the-box integrations via Akamai’s partnerships with Splunk and SumoLogic.

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