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Origin Failover

Using our Visitor Prioritization Cloudlet or our Application Load Balancer Cloudlet, origin failure need not be a catastrophic event. Akamai lets you failover to a holding page (a so-called “waiting room”), secondary origin, static resources, or a maintenance page, so you retain your traffic as you enact recovery procedures.

origin failover 1
origin failover 2
origin failover 3
origin failover 4
origin failover 5


  • Reduce abandonment: by keeping users engaged when your application approaches capacity.
  • Improve availability: with site outage protection during high value, high traffic events.
  • Preserve scarce application server capacity: for valuable transactions or visitor segments.
  • Improve user experience: for overflow traffic with a branded waiting room, protect your business from downtime by balancing multiple cloud providers w/ automated failover capabilities.
  • Maintain consistent session behavior: for your audience, avoiding disruption when outages occur.


Useful For

  • Shopping Carts: Reduce abandonment during peak shopping events i.e. Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
  • Site maintenance: systematically direct new traffic to a waiting room while allowing existing visitors to complete their tasks or transactions.
  • Online Video: Throttle users for the registration of live online video events.
  • Flash crowds: Ensure a great user experience during overflow times such as promotions, limited time offers or flash sales.


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