Akamai EdgeWorkers

Akamai EdgeWorkers

Get answers to the most common questions regarding EdgeWorkers

Q: How do I get started with EdgeWorkers?

Simply go to the Akamai Marketplace in the Akamai Control Center portal and add EdgeWorkers to your existing properties. You may also reach out to your Akamai sales team for help adding EdgeWorkers.

Q: Who should use EdgeWorkers?

EdgeWorkers is ideal for development teams who want to customize web traffic, especially larger teams looking to drive more parallel development and performance experts looking to improve the user experience.

Q: Which Akamai products are required for EdgeWorkers?

Initially, EdgeWorkers will only be available with Akamai Ion and Dynamic Site Accelerator. If you are interested in EdgeWorkers via a different delivery configuration, please reach out to your Akamai sales team.

Q: Are there any recommended prerequisites?

We recommend HTTPie and Python 3.

Q: Does EdgeWorkers replace PAPI Behaviors, Akamai Cloudlets, or other existing Akamai solutions?

No. You don’t set up origins or configure behaviors with EdgeWorkers. However, EdgeWorkers does provide a different way to build logic, which can replace the need to work with certain other behaviors like: 

  • Modify Outgoing Request Header

  • Modify Outgoing Request Path

  • Set Response Cookie 

Q: Does EdgeWorkers replace ESI?

EdgeWorkers and Akamai’s Edge Side Includes (ESI) will eventually overlap by solving the same problems, but with different workflows. Which technology path you choose really depends on your team and their existing knowledge. New developers would likely prefer EdgeWorkers due to the widespread familiarity of JavaScript.

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