Akamai’s Serverless Computing Solution
Akamai EdgeWorkers

Get started with Akamai EdgeWorkers.

To get started, just add EdgeWorkers to your site (see the workflow in Figure A) and follow the simple steps listed below, then apply any match conditions to limit which pages/resources the function should apply to.

Figure A: The EdgeWorkers workflow


  1. Navigate to your property in Control Center
  2. Click 'edit' and add a blank rule
  3. Choose matching criteria to scope where to apply functions
  4. Add EdgeWorkers from available behaviors
  5. Save and activate

Once you’ve added EdgeWorkers to your site, you can then easily publish code and make updates to your functions across the entire Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform.

Get Started with EdgeWorkers

Learn how serverless computing with Akamai can improve your web and app performance and support agile development processes.

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