Akamai EdgeWorkers

Akamai EdgeWorkers

Get Serverless Computing at the Edge

Akamai EdgeWorkers helps deliver superior web experiences by enabling developers to run JavaScript at the Edge to customize web traffic. Instead of using browser clients or origin servers for these tasks (see our overview of serverless computing), the edge provides another option to run critical web application logic.

With EdgeWorkers, you can quickly create functions and deploy them across the entire, globally distributed, Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform, ensuring robust scalability and performance while also accelerating development and deployment times.

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Why Move Serverless Functions to the Edge?

Traditionally, business logic required multiple requests to origin or was pushed down to devices. Each of these options presents unique challenges to the end-user experience including damage to performance and higher costs. Now, EdgeWorkers enables you to move your computing to Akamai's intelligent edge platform closer to your users to address critical challenges.

Faster user experiences

With compute closer to your data, you can avoid unnecessary network hops and deliver new and faster solutions that weren’t possible with logic at the origin or client.

Shortened time to production

Integrate into your existing workflows, enabling multiple teams to work in parallel using JavaScript.

Just code

Avoid the hassle of managing compute resources and building for scale. The serverless platform enables developers to focus on coding - and you’re only billed for what you use. 

Key Features

Akamai EdgeWorkers has a range of powerful features to help you easily customize web traffic, including:

Web data access

Build custom logic with the ability to read and modify cookies, headers, and URLs.

Constructed responses

Provide fast responses at the Edge by pre-constructing body responses.

Personalization data

Personalize your logic via access to data such as content targeting and device characteristics.


Leverage V8 (Google’s open source JavaScript engine) to safely deploy JavaScript to the Akamai Edge.

Support for HTTP events

Execute functions based on HTTP events including client requests, client responses, origin requests, and origin responses.

Property Manager integration

Leverage and extend your existing Akamai workflows using Property Manager user variables.

Use Cases

We've highlighted key use cases so you can see how Akamai Edgeworkers can benefit you and your team.

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