Akamai EdgeWorkers

Akamai EdgeWorkers

Key Use Cases for EdgeWorkers

With EdgeWorkers you can move your computing to Akamai's intelligent edge platform so it’s even closer to your users. At a high-level there are three categories, where EdgeWorkers can impact key use cases: 

Extend your business logic to the Edge

Similar to caching content at the Edge, pushing business logic to the Edge instead of requiring constant requests to the origin improves performance and offload. Using the features available with EdgeWorkers and the data exposed in the request and response, you can create innovative web experiences.

Easily scale and optimize performance with serverless microservices

With the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform, scale and performance are optimized around the globe. EdgeWorkers allows you to create serverless microservices without any dependency on other cloud infrastructure. This makes it easier - and much faster - since you don't have to hop all over to access a particular cloud service.

Optimize content delivery

Integrating your business logic with your content delivery avoids unnecessary hops to other cloud resources, reduces your origin costs, and optimizes the user experience by providing a faster and cleaner overall service.

Examples of Common Use Cases

A/B Testing: Improve business results with optimized experiments.

Typical A/B integrations can degrade performance and drive large client downloads, adversely impacting the result. Combining the power of Akamai’s Edge with the performance and the simplicity of EdgeWorkers, development teams can manage this critical workflow without impacting the user experience.

Redirect users: Manage redirects without sacrificing performance.

Managing redirects is a common activity for all website owners, however, redirects can impact the user experience. You can ensure that redirects are implemented early and efficiently so the experience isn’t impacted.  Deploying your redirect logic to the Akamai Edge using Javascript ensures the redirect happens quickly so you can maintain optimal performance and productivity

Manage HTTP header size: Decrease page errors and improve performance by programmatically reducing header data in HTTP messages.

Your sites and applications rely on headers and cookies to deliver great user experiences. As more and more data is tracked, the size of response headers increases and can exceed limits. This results in page errors — and frustrated customers. EdgeWorkers allows developers to easily manage response sizes and eliminate unnecessary data to ensure customers don’t experience page errors.

Customize signed HTTP requests: Move custom authorizations and crypto functions to the Edge to improve performance.

Signed web requests ensure end-to-end protection for sensitive data. Without Edge functions, signed requests have to go back to the origin — slowing down the user experience and reducing offload. EdgeWorkers allows you to customize authorization methods and crypto functions, even across multiple CDNs and origins, and to push this logic to the Edge for faster web experiences. 

Create signed AWS requests: Ensure critical AWS resources are protected without decreasing performance.

Signed AWS requests allow you to identify who is requesting critical resources and protects against attacks. When you write custom code for requests to AWS, you need to include code to sign these requests. With EdgeWorkers you can add the necessary data to the request without the added latency from hopping to another system.

Create simple services: Quickly create microservices to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Cloud-based microservices can improve performance and decrease costs. With EdgeWorkers, you can create a broad array of cloud-native microservices — or “edge services” — without the complexity of managing origin infrastructure and the costs of handling peak demands.

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