Akamai Integrations

Integrate With Your Favorite Products

It's important for developers to integrate seamlessly with other tools. That's why we are always working to provide more integrations with your favorite tools. Explore our integrations below to see how you can easily interact with Akamai, manage Akamai, and improve your workflow.

New Relic

With New Relic integration, DevOps teams can integrate New Relic with Akamai’s Global Traffic Management (GTM) with Akamai APIs. The New Relic easily integrates with Akamai Global Traffic Management to allow organizations to dynamically produce load feedback for traffic management.

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Akamai has 100+ APIs that have all sorts of capabilities to make it easier for you to manage and run your websites and apps. Now, Postman features the Akamai EdgeGrid authentication method so you can easily explore and use Akamai APIs within the Postman app.

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Akamai's SIEM integration provides a centralized view for security teams to easily access and analyze security information and prioritize mitigation efforts based on risk. This tool is a comprehensive solution for capture, retention, and delivery of security information and events in real-time.

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The Akamai Provider for Terraform helps you provision and manage properties and DNS zones as code. You can leverage the provider to tokenize, version-control, and peer-review pieces of your Akamai infrastructure; leverage Terraform variables and templates;  and streamline your CI/CD processes.

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DataStream now supports all Akamai content delivery products. You can measure the health of your performance, investigate security and operational issues, and visualize your data with Datadog, Sumo Logic, and BigQuery. 

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