Akamai mPulse

Optimize web and mobile application performance with real user monitoring.

mPulse, Akamai’s real user monitoring (RUM) solution, enables developers, admins, and performance engineers to easily see website performance problems that traditional testing methods can’t unveil. With mPulse, you gain actionable insights on how elements such as third-party resources, user interactions, and visual progress are impacting your application delivery and the end-user experience.

mPulse lets you quickly dive into detailed performance and error analyses, helping you understand the impact on critical user interaction metrics such as page views, conversions, and more.

Key benefits

  • Insights in real time: With mPulse, RUM data is captured in real time so you’re able to monitor changes in performance for users during all critical events. You’ll be alerted in real time as issues arise, so you can take immediate and accurate actions to address them.
  • Actionable and customizable: Pull actionable insights from your data to understand how individual objects (e.g., images) or entire pages are impacting user behavior. Collect advanced and custom metrics to gain full visibility into performance optimization opportunities unique to your application.
  • Framework flexibility: Common single-page application (SPA) frameworks including AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, React.js, and even custom frameworks are all fully supported in mPulse.
  • Third-party visibility: Easily monitor and manage the impact of third-party vendors and resources.

How it works

Once you begin using mPulse, a small JavaScript module is embedded in each page on your website. This module is called Boomerang, and it precisely measures the page load time experienced by real users. As soon as your page loads in a customer’s browser, Boomerang measures the load time and then sends this data back to you (like a boomerang; get it?) so that you can see it in your mPulse dashboard.

In addition, you can send timers and metric events to mPulse; these events also show up in your dashboard, making it easier for you to find out how your customers are actually using your website.

The mPulse Beacon API

The mPulse Beacon API is a programmatic interface that you can use to send beacons from any web or mobile application to mPulse, making mPulse extensible and usable on any platform or framework that’s able to make HTTP calls.


Getting started

See how mPulse works for you: take it for a test-drive on your own site and applications. Follow the simple steps below to set up your trial account.

  1. Sign up for the mPulse free trial
  2. Review the mPulse Quick Start guide
  3. Create your page groups and custom metrics
  4. Start collecting real user behavior instantly

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