This Open API Catalog is the definitive list of customer consumable APIs available from Akamai. Use the navigation on the left to find APIs broken down by category, find newly released APIs by status, or filter by key words to locate an API.

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Documentation is available for review.

Can be provisioned, and is ready for early adopters.

Released for general consumption.

The API has been superceded and is no longer in active development. The API will still respond to requests from existing clients. Do not develop new applications or tools using this API.

No longer available for use.

API Name Description Status
Akamai Connect API Register, activate, and authenticate Galaxy caches with the Akamai Luna portal and with Akamai backoffice systems. GA
Akamai Cloud Networking API Provision and manage Orion Customers, Client and Customer IPSec Keys. Beta
Alerts Access active Akamai Luna Control Center Alerts and their details. GA
Billing Center Access to contract usage data in JSON for accounts in which you have access. GA
Billing Center v1 Access to contract usage data in CSV format for accounts in which you have access. Deprecated
Case Management Resolve questions or issues with your Akamai applications and services. GA
Content Control Utility (CCU) Purge Edge content by request.
Use this API when writing new applications.
CCU Rest API Purge Edge content by request. Provided as reference.
Cloudlets Create and manage Cloudlet policies and policy versions. GA
CPS API The Certificate Provisioning System API allows you to create and manage certificates. Beta
Client Intelligence API The Client Intelligence API allows you to retrieve threat intelligence feeds for malicious IP addresses, using the provided information to improve your security decisions and better protect your applications against DDoS and application layer attacks. Beta
Diagnostic Tools Explore problems in DNS host-name mapping (dig) and network routing (mtr) from around the world. GA
DNS - Zone Management Manage a primary zone’s DNS records. GA
DNS - Zone Reporting Retrieve DNS hit information. GA
Edge Redirector Manage your Edge Redirector rules. An Akamai Cloudlet. GA
Event Center See Luna Event Center configuration, reporting and alerts events. GA
FEO Provides a way to use FEO functionality programmatically rather than through FEO's Configuration Manager. GA
HD Network Build a custom HD Network Management Interface with Akamai Media Services, Domain, Stream, and Archive Management APIs. A pre-OPEN REST API. GA
Image Manager Maintain a catalog of source images, organize and transform the images, make them available for delivery by the Akamai Intelligent Platform. GA
Invoicing Allows you to access your Akamai invoices. GA
Log Delivery Service View, update and delete configurations for the Portal log delivery service. Beta
Media Analytics Manage report packs, and fetch analytic data for a particular report pack. GA
Media Reports Retrieve usage and quality metrics for the Media Delivery products - Adaptive Media Delivery, Download Delivery, RTMP Media Delivery and Object Delivery. GA
Media Streaming Build a custom HD Network Management Interface with Akamai Utility, Domain, Stream, and Archive Management APIs. Latest (OPEN) version. GA
Net Storage Manage NetStorage FileStore and ObjectStore files and directories. A pre-OPEN API. GA
Network Lists Manage lists to be used by multiple Akamai products and features. GA
Prolexic Analytics Retrieve data from Prolexic DDoS protection and monitoring services. Beta
Prolexic ABM Retrieve and manage data from Prolexic ABM devices. Dev
Property Manager Manage your web content on the Akamai edge network. Beta
PublishECCU Manage ECCU files for purging Edge content. A SOAP API. GA
SaaS Registration RegisterSaaS applications and customers, and manage their associations GA
SaaS Rules Manage IP- or geographic-based rules related to SaaS access. Beta
SecureHD Policy Editor Configure and apply various security services for your Akamai HD Network media content, including Token Authorization, Content Targeting (GEO Protection), Media Encryption and Player Verification protection. GA
Secure Provisioning Securely provision certifications and hostnames. GA
Security Monitor Retrieve real-time data on security events. Beta
Service-Level Agreement API Accesses SLA test configurations and reports. Beta
Site Shield Provide a Site Shield interface for consumption by nonbrowser clients. Beta
Traffic Management Manage Traffic Management load balancing configurations. GA
Traffic Management Load Feedback POST load data for a GTM domain and GET the current load state. Beta
User Admin Create and manage Users, Groups, and Roles. GA
Visitor Prioritization Prioritize access to your infrastructure to ensure it is not overwhelmed during peak periods. An Akamai Cloudlet. GA