Akamai APIs

Akamai APIs

From configuration, reporting and alerting, to managing the security of your digital properties, to managing your content inside the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, you will find APIs to connect your enterprise.

Akamai’s API Catalog

Welcome to the OPEN API Catalog. This page provides a list of the current APIs offered by Akamai, the product the API exposes and its lifecycle status.

API Name TYPE Description Status
Alerts OPEN Alerts API provides REST access to active alerts and details from the Akamai Luna Control Center. GA
Billing Center OPEN The OPEN version of the Billing Center API which allows you to view your monthly Akamai usage by contract. GA
Case Management OPEN API to manage support requests to resolve questions or issues with your Akamai applications and services. GA
Diagnostic Tools OPEN Run dig or mtr from servers in the Akamai network. GA
DNS - Zone Management OPEN API to manage a primary zone’s DNS records. GA
DNS - Zone Reporting OPEN API to retrieve DNS hit information. GA
Event Center OPEN Provides REST access to the Luna Event Center configuration, reporting and alerts capabilities. GA
Media Streaming OPEN Akamai HD Network: Utility, Domain, Stream, and Archive Management. GA
Network Lists OPEN The Network Lists API allows you to create and manage lists you can deploy to the Akamai Network to be used by multiple Akamai products and features. Beta
SecureHD Policy Editor OPEN SecureHD Policy Editor (SPE) serves as a “one stop shop” solution for the configuration and application of various security services for your Akamai HD Network media content, allowing you to apply Token Authorization, Content Targeting (GEO Protection), Media Encryption and Player Verification protection. Luna Control Center provides a graphical interface to SPE. GA
User Admin OPEN The User Admin APIs let you perform CRUD operations on Users, Groups, and Roles. Development

Legacy API

API Name TYPE Description Status
CCU Purge SOAP The Content Control Utility (CCU) is Akamai’s technology for purging Edge content by request. Deprecated
CCU REST API REST Second generation of the Content Control Utility (CCU) is Akamai’s technology for purging Edge content by request. GA
HD Network REST API for HD Video Streaming GA
Net Storage REST An Akamai NetStorage API that provides an HTTP POST method you can use to manage your content. GA
PublishECCU SOAP An EdgeControl Web Service SOAP-based API that allows you to upload ECCU files. GA
API Name
The name of the API. This name is used frequently in documentation or to reference the API in discussions with Akamai.
Akamai releases several types of APIs. SOAP, REST, and OPEN refer to the delivery or technology of API interface. OPEN APIs are implemented using REST and all share the same authorization and delivery model. Eventually, all APIs will be delivered via the OPEN Platform.
A short description of what the API is intended to do.
Where in the API currently is in the API Lifecycle.

API Lifecycle:

  • Development, documentation is available for review.
  • Beta, the API can be provisioned and is ready for early adopters.
  • GA, the API is released for general consumption.
  • Deprecated, the API has been superseded and is no longer in active development. The API will still respond to requests from existing clients. Do not develop new applications or tools using this API.
  • EOL, the API is no longer available for use.

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