Billing Center API

This guide details the original version 1 of the Billing Center API. This API version has been deprecated. For the most recent version 2, see the Billing Center API.

The API allows you to access your monthly Akamai usage data in CSV format, aggregating it per contract or per reporting group. See the Resources section for details on available resources.

Status Codes

Code Description
200 OK.
201 Created.
403 User is not authenticated.
400 Bad Request. Please provide all the required params.
500 There is a problem processing your request. Please try again later. The details are provided in the response body.

Polling Intervals

You may get more accurate monthly data if you delay the request by a few days after the start of the month. Follow up to check for updated data that may take longer to process.

API Versioning

The Billing Center REST API is versioned by including a version stamp as part of the request URI. For example, /v1/…. As of July 01, 2013, the Contract Usage Reports REST API has one version: v1.

When accessing the API, all documented REST resources are available under all versions, even if nothing to that call has changed. For example, /contractusage/api/v1/reportSources was not changed, between v1 and v2, but is accessible under both v1 and v2. The general idea is that clients can use a single version at a time, rather than mix versions from REST call to REST call.

Getting Help

If immediate assistance is required, or an issue is encountered, open a case with Technical Support.

Last updated: Oct 16, 2014

Last modified: 12/6/2016