Case Management API

The Case Management API helps you manage support requests to resolve any issues with your Akamai applications and services.

Who Should Use This API

Use this API if you are administer Akamai products and want to develop your own set of tools to interact with Akamai customer service representatives outside of the Luna portal. Use this API to track the status of various support tickets, and to open new tickets. Use it to allow your own set of users to comment on support tickets and upload files that demonstrate problems. Use it also if you are a reseller who wants to develop a customer support layer for third-party users.

Getting Started

Before using the Beta API for the first time:

  • Review the OPEN API Introduction on tools that Akamai provides.

  • Review OPEN API Provisioning to create your OPEN API access credentials and authorizations. As detailed in API Identity Model, you then access the API using custom hostnames that looks like this:

After provisioning the API token, the user associated with the unique token can submit cases on behalf of other users.


The API uses links to standard hypermedia objects to help clients locate related resources relevant within a set of JSON data. For example, the JSON below shows the sort of response you get when uploading a file attachment. Its links array may accommodate various related resources, but in this case presents only the case ticket under which the file is tracked. The rel represents the link relation, in this case a conceptual parent object, and the href that provides a navigable path to the resource once you prefix it with your hostname token.

    "caseId": "F-CS-1203600",
    "links": [
            "href": "/case-management/v2/cases/F-CS-1203600",
            "rel": "parent"
    "statusMessage": "Ticket has been successfully updated with file"

Last modified: 12/12/2016