Client Access Control API Debugging

If you encounter a variety of errors, the Client Access Control (CAC) API responds with appropriate HTTP status codes and a response object that explains them, detailed below.

Error Responses

This API responds with a JSON error object that provides details useful for debugging. For example:

  "code": "forbidden",
  "title": "Forbidden",
  "details": [
      "field": null,
      "code": null,
      "message": "User does not have access to resource",
      "data": null
  "incidentId": null,
  "resolution": null,
  "helpUrl": null

HTTP Status Codes

The API responds with the following set of HTTP status codes for both success and failure scenarios.

Code Description
200 The operation was successful.
400 Bad Request.
403 Access is forbidden.
500 Internal server error.

Last modified: 3/16/2017