The Client Access Control API

The Client Access Control (CAC) API helps you manage access between your web assets and the edge servers on the Akamai network. With this API you can retrieve information about the CIDR blocks that currently connect your content to the Akamai network. In addition, when Akamai updates the CIDR blocks used for access, this API allows you to review the changes and send an acknowledgement to Akamai once you update your Access Control List (ACL).

Client Access Control currently only supports IPv4 CIDR blocks.

Who Should Use This API

Use this API as part of an automated system to dynamically synchronize your access control lists with your connection to the Akamai network. With this API, you can view the current list of CIDR blocks, and review and acknowledge updates to the CIDR block list proposed by Akamai.

You can also access this functionally from the Luna Control Center by selecting ConfigureClient Access Control CIDR Lists.

Getting Started

Once Akamai sets up your Client Access Control configurations and notifies you that they are ready, you need to complete the following tasks before using this API:

  • Review the OPEN API Introduction on tools that Akamai provides.

  • Review OPEN API Provisioning to create your OPEN API access credentials and authorizations. As detailed in the OPEN API Identity Model, you then access the API using custom hostnames that looks like this:

Last modified: 3/16/2017