MSL Stream Provisioning API Debugging

This section provides details on the data object that reflects the API’s common response to error cases, and lists the API’s range of response status codes for both error and success cases.

Error Responses

When the API encounters an error, it responds with a JSON object whose “ok” property is false. Also included is an error code and error message as in the sample below:

    "ok": false
    "errorCode": 1209,
    "error": "Error in output('output1'): Resolution too small. Must be at least 8,000 pixels."

HTTP Status Codes

The API produces the following set of HTTP status codes for both success and failure scenarios:

Code Description
200 The operation was successful.
201 Resource created.
202 Resource successfully accepted. This is returned on an activation request. It does NOT mean that the activation was successful. It means that the activation will be acted upon by the asynchronous LRJ process.
400 Bad Request.
401 Unauthorized request.
402 Failed request.
403 Access is forbidden. The user provided does not have access to the requested object and/or operation.
404 Resource not found.
405 Method not allowed.
415 Unsupported Media Type
422 Unprocessable entity.
429 Too many requests.
500 Internal server error. Unexpected error.

Live Transcoding Error Codes

Code Description
1100 Content type is not application/json.
1101 Content body is not valid json.
1200 Attempting to create a document (‘livesettings’) with invalid docType.
1201 Attempting to create a document without an ID. This is generally an internal error.
1202 Unrecognized error creating document from JSON.
1203 Attempting to update a read-only field.
1204 Extra fields provided.
1205 Invalid status.
1206 Account ID not provided for preset.
1207 Name not provided for preset.
1208 Error in preset values provided.
1209 Error in livesettings values provided.
1210 Multiple tracks have matching PIDs.
1211 PID provided for some tracks, but not others.
1212 More than one input video track provided.
1213 Overlapping file identifier patterns in input streams.
1214 Output rendition identifies an input stream that does not exist.
1215 Input doesn’t contain any of ‘audio’, ‘video’, ‘subtitles’, or ‘metadata’.
1216 Output rendition contains inputs from different streams.
1217 Attempting to create livesettings without a stream ID.
1218 livesettings version not provided.
1219 Error creating ABR configuration.

Last modified: 10/25/2017