Media Services API

The Media Services API enables developers and architects to access and provision media streaming.

Who Should Use This API

The Media Services API enable you to build a customized interface.

Media Services Stream Packaging combines the best features of both Adobe® Flash® Platform–Live (HD Flash 1.0) and Media Services Live (HLS), allowing for an RTMP ingress stream and egress streams in either Adobe® HDS output, Apple® HLS output, or HD Flash 1.0 output.

Media Services: HLS Ingest allows you to stream live media to appropriate devices running iOS version 3.0 or higher

The API might not work for every user, and works based on the permissions available to the logged-in user.

Getting Started

Before you use the Media Services API:

  • Review the OPEN API Introduction on tools that Akamai provides.

  • Review OPEN API Provisioning

  • Create your OPEN API access credentials and authorizations as described in API Identity Model.

  • Access the API using a custom hostname that is similar to:

  • If you need help, provide feedback to the {OPEN} developer community, or contact your Akamai representative for support.

Note the following:

  • Currently, the API supports only Akamai HD for the Adobe® HTTP Dynamic Streaming and Apple® HTTP Live Streaming.

  • The API mirrors the functionality available in the Luna Control Center.

Last modified: 12/13/2016