Secure Provisioning Service API Debugging

This section provides information on the SPS API’s common JSON format for error responses, and details the full range of HTTP response codes.


When a non 2XX HTTPS status code is returned, a JSON error, like the following, is also returned:

HTTP/1.1 400

Content-Type: application/json

Reply Body:

   "Errors" : {
      "invalidItems" : [
            "field" : "",
            "spsId" : 2430,
            "validation" : "Invalid parameter input",
            "validationDescription" : "The requested CN is currently active. Please call your akamai contact for further assistance."
   "Results" : "Errors"

HTTP Status Codes

The API produces the following range of response codes:

Code Description
200 OK
202 Accepted. The submission was accepted and will be processed accordingly.
400 Bad Request. Please provide all the required parameters.
403 User is not authenticated.
404 The requested resource is not found.
500 There is a problem processing your request. Please try again later. The details are provided in the response body.

Last modified: 12/12/2016