The DataStream API

DataStream is a reporting API service that provides real-time access to application activity data, including aggregated metrics on complete request or response cycles as well as origin response times.

DataStream’s aggregated metrics provide real-time insight to help you instantly define the end-user experience on your application. Thus, simplifying web application monitoring for applications deployed to cloud hosting providers and those that leverage third party services.

This API offers a programmatic alternative to many of the features available in the Luna Control Center, under Configure ⇒ DataStream.

Who Should Use This API

Use this API service to monitor all transactions delivered through Akamai’s platform, and send the transaction log data to one or more destinations.

Getting Started

Before using this API for the first time, be sure to:

  • Review Get Started on tools that Akamai provides for all its APIs.

  • Review Authorize Your Client to create your API access credentials and authorizations. As detailed in the API Identity Model section, you then access the API using custom hostnames that looks like this:


This API provides hypermedia link members to help the client to navigate paginated data. The following example within a metadata object shows the set of links to navigate back and forth within the results, to go to the first or last page, or to access the current page


Last modified: 4/3/2018