The Event Viewer API

Event Viewer records events completed through Luna Control Center that are available to site administrators, such as configuration changes, alerts, and log deliveries.

With the Event Viewer API, you can view a list of portal-visible events stored in the Event Logger system and related to a particular user account, optionally filtered by event type ID, date and time of an event, and event ID. You can also view all defined event types with related event definitions. The API allows you to use your tools to flexibly access to the same reporting features as in Event Viewer within Luna Control Center.

Who Should Use This API

Use the Event Viewer API if you want to extract event data for reporting purposes, or create an automated mechanism to manage your event data outside the Luna Control Center user interface. For example, you can use the API to batch extract the amount of event data that is difficult to manage manually in the Event Viewer user interface.

Getting Started

Before using the Event Viewer API for the first time:

  • Review Get Started on tools that Akamai provides for all its APIs.

  • Review Authorize Your Client to create your API access credentials and authorizations. As detailed in the API Identity Model section, you then access the API using custom hostnames that looks like this:

  • Review the Authorize Your Client section to make sure the identity under which you provision the API can access its full range of functionality. Use the Identity Management application to expand access if necessary, or the Identity Management API as a programmatic alternative.

To use this API, ensure that you have permission to access the Event Viewer user interface.

API Features

Hypermedia: This API includes Hypermedia links that appear on a page of event objects whenever the API’s response includes other pages that you can navigate to.

The following example from a listing of events provides direct links to the next and previous pages of events relative to the current page. The next page is referenced by a type ID of the last event on the current page. Similarly, the previous page is referenced by a type ID of the first event on the current page.

"links": [
        "rel": "next",
        "href": "/event-viewer-api/v1/events?beforeEventId=038a9f69-121f-4248-acd2-74103012c680"
        "rel": "prev",
        "href": "/event-viewer-api/v1/events?afterEventId=68bb2c73-bf1b-4cb0-ae56-b4fcd7210317"
        "rel": "self",
        "href": "/event-viewer-api/v1/events"

Last modified: 3/28/2018