Front-End Optimization API Data Model


You specify the property and the environment (staging or production). By default, this purges the transformation bundles associated with whichever FEO configuration version is currently active in that environment; optionally, you may specify a different FEO configuration version. A comment is also required so you can recognize the purpose of a given purge action. Below is an example of the JSON and a table listing the data members for the JSON request.

  "assetName": "",
  "network": "P",
  "comments": "my comments"
Member Type Description
assetName String The Property Name (as configured in Property Manager) for which you wish to issue the FEO Purge request
network Enumeration The environment to which you wish to issue the FEO Purge request, either P for production (default) or S for staging.
comments String A description of the reason for the purge, for tracking purposes

Below is a sample JSON response and a table describing the members of the response JSON.

  "assetId": 93912312,
  "errorCode": 407,
  "errorMessage": "No active version"
Member Type Description
assetId Number A unique integer identifier that is functionally equivalent to the assetName specified in the request
errorCode Number For failed purge requests, an indication of why the request failed
errorMessage String A text description of the error code; returns null on success when errorCode is 400

errorCode Values

This table describes the range of possible numeric status codes for the errorCode member.

NOTE: Numeric codes that represent the status of FEO bundle purge requests resemble HTTP error codes, but specify their own system of both success and error responses listed below.

Code Message
400 Successful operation
401 Change pending
402 Database error
404 Incorrect property name
407 No active version
408 No ARL for asset
409 No beta permission
410 No comment provided
411 No configuration for asset
413 No property access
415 No versions
417 Submit failed
418 Unexpected exception
419 Version cannot be purged

Last modified: 11/22/2016