Front-End Optimization API

The Front-End Optimization (FEO) API provides a way to use FEO functionality programmatically rather than through FEO’s Configuration Manager.

FEO accelerates web pages by creating modified versions of the HTML and supporting resources that can render more quickly. The techniques FEO uses to accelerate pages are called optimization methods (or just optimizations). Some optimization methods are specific to resource files such as images, JavaScript, and style sheets. Other optimizations adjust the prioritization and queuing of rendering activities.

Who Should Use This API

This API is intended for developers who want to automate FEO management. To use this API, you should be familiar with your existing FEO configuration and the content it is optimizing, as well as the parent product configuration. You should know how to manage FEO configurations in FEO’s Configuration Manager (accessible from the Configure menu from a Property Manager page specific to a property that has FEO enabled in its configuration), including activation and purging. It is important to have a general understanding of how FEO works, including page analysis, creating transformation bundles, optimizing pages and resources, and delivering origin vs. optimized content.

If you are not familiar with those concepts, please review the Front-End Optimization User Guide before proceeding.

Last modified: 7/27/2016