Firewall Rules Notification API Debugging

This section tells you about the Firewall Rules Notification API’s error response format, and details the range of HTTP status codes the API produces.

Error Responses

The Identity Management API responds with HTTP problem error objects that provide details useful for debugging.

The following shows a typical error response. The outer object characterizes the overall problem, while the details array lists potentially more than one problem detected in the request.

  "type" : "/firewall-rules-manager/error-types/5",
  "status" : 404,
  "title" : "ServiceId doesn't exist",
  "detail" : "ServiceId: 233 not found",
  "instance" : "",
  "errors" : [ ]

HTTP Status Codes

This section lists the range of HTTP response codes the API may produce for both success and error cases:

Code Description
200 Request OK.
302 The requested item is temporarily available at the link provided.
400 Bad Request.
401 Authentication failure.
403 Access Denied.
404 Resource not found.
405 Method not supported.
415 Unsupported media type.
500 Internal server error.
502 Platform timeout error.
503 Too many requests. Service is temporarily unavailable.

Last modified: 6/1/2017