Identity Management: User Administration API Debugging

This section provides details on the data object that reflects the API’s common response to error cases, and lists the API’s range of response status codes for both error and success cases.

Error Responses

This API adheres to the HTTP Problem Details standard.

HTTP Status Codes

This section lists the full range of response codes the API may generate.

Code Description
200 The operation was successful.
201 Resource successfully created.
204 Successfully processed request. Empty/no response body.
400 Bad Request.
401 Authentication failure.
403 Access is forbidden.
404 Resource not found.
405 Method not supported.
409 Conflict with current state of resource.
415 Unsupported media type.
500 Internal server error.
502 Platform timeout error.
503 Too many requests. Service is temporarily unavailable.
507 Insufficient storage for size of request. Try again later.

Last modified: 11/14/2017