Identity Management API Data

This section provides details for each type of data object the API exchanges.



This object encapsulates all members for the credential data structure.

Sample GET:

    "status": "ACTIVE",
    "description": "Credential with no secret",
    "expiresOn": "2018-11-01T23:06:59.000Z",
    "createdOn": "2016-11-01T23:06:59.000Z",
    "credentialId": 99999,
    "clientToken": "akaa-6dydkak7a6mmoil4-m6qxy72iz3u2bbrw"

Credential Members

Member Type Description
clientToken String Identifies your client.
createdOn String Read-only. The date the credential was made.
credentialId Number Read-only. Uniquely identifies each credential.
description String Lets you add your own notes or description for your credential.
expiresOn String The date the credential no longer provides access. The default expiration date is 2 years from the creation date.
status Enumeration Shows whether a credential is ACTIVE, INACTIVE, or DELETED. You can switch a credential’s status between ACTIVE and INACTIVE, but once you change the status to DELETED, you have actually deleted it and it cannot be reactivated.
clientSecret String Read-only. The client secret.

Last modified: 1/17/2017