Identity Management API

The Identity Management API allows you to manage your credentials. Use this API to rotate credentials and retrieve credential information.

Who Should Use This API

Use this API if you are a user or administrator who wants to programmatically manage API access availability. Additionally, use this API if you run all production settings.

Getting Started

Before using the API for the first time:

  • If you do not already have an OPEN Identity, create one in LUNA through the Manage APIs app.

  • Review the OPEN API Introduction on tools that Akamai provides.

  • Review OPEN API Provisioning to create your OPEN API access credentials and authorizations. As detailed in API Identity Model, you then access the API using custom host names that looks like this:

This API requires an OPEN Identity ID. The OPEN Identity ID is visible in the credential details section of the OPEN Identity details page.

To retrieve the ID:

  1. In LUNA, Navigate to the API Client detail page.

  2. Retrieve the ID from underneath API Client name.

  3. Insert the ID in each endpoint where applicable.


The Identity Management API assigns a variety of access and permission values, ultimately granting or restricting access to specified applications.

  • OPEN Identity: A set of permissions and tokens providing a user with access to specific APIs.

  • Owner: A user or automation that uses a specific OPEN identity for API access. OPEN identities are reassignable, and only an owner can update an identity’s credentials.

Rotate Credentials

This API allows you to rotate your credentials by modifying a pair of individual credentials. To rotate credentials:

  1. Run Update a Credential to update the expiration date of an old credential to a new date you choose to let it auto-expire.

  2. Run Create a Credential so the new credential can replace the old one.

  3. Deploy your new keys and secrets.

You should leave enough overlap between the old and new credentials to ensure you maintain access during the rotation. If your old credentials expire before you finish updating the new ones, you will lose access.

Last modified: 1/17/2017