Log Delivery Service API v1 Debugging

This section provides details on the Log Delivery Service API’s error response format, and its range of HTTP response codes.

Error Responses

The Log Delivery Service API encloses error response content in a status object that features the following members:

Member Type Description
content Object, String, or Array Property containing the appropriate response object.
errorCode String Error’s category.
errorMessage String Short description of a problem.
errorType Enumeration Type of error, either SERVER_FAILURE or SERVER_EXCEPTION.
incidentId String Identifies the incident, useful for Akamai to analyze the problem.
resolution String Provides a hint for how to respond to the problem.
status Enumeration Status of the response, either ok or error.

HTTP Status Codes

Code Description
200 OK.
400 Bad Request. Please provide all the required parameters.
403 User is not authenticated.
500 There is a problem processing your request. Please try again later. The details are provided in the response body.

Last modified: 4/6/2017