Log Delivery Service API Debugging

This section provides information on the data object that reflects the API’s common response to error cases, and lists the API’s range of response status codes for both error and success cases.

Please note that with log delivery you may also encounter issues with the delivery mechanisms, email and FTP. You can learn more about possible email and FTP delivery errors in the LDS User Guide on Luna Control Center.

Error Responses

The following is an example of a response with an authorization error.

HTTP/1.1 401
Content-Type: application/json
Reply Body:

    "details": [
            "code": "requested.action.not.allowed",
            "message": "You do not have permission for this action.",
            "data": {
                "action": "View Log Configuration"
    "code": "error.authorization.fail",
    "title": "Missing access rights to resource",
    "incidentId": "0afe0260-8800-4921-bc4e-439219946d96"

All JSON responses for error cases follow the Problem Details specification.

HTTP Status Codes

The following lists the range of HTTP response codes the API may produce for both success and error cases:

Code Description
200 Request OK
201 Resource created.
204 No content. Displays when a DELETE operation is successful.
400 Bad request. Please provide all the required parameters.
401 Unauthorized request. You don’t have permission to perform this action.
403 Forbidden. User is not authenticated.
404 Resource not found. The object you were trying to reach could not be found.
405 Method not allowed.
415 Unsupported media type
429 Too many requests
500 Internal Server Error
503 Service Unavailable

Last modified: 4/3/2017