Log Delivery Service API

The Log Delivery Service API allows users to view, update, and delete configurations for the Luna portal’s log delivery service. The scope of the returned data is limited by the user’s account: its permissions and accessible set of acgObjects. The API provides data for the last 15 months.

API Versioning

The Log Delivery Service REST API is versioned by including a version stamp as part of the request URI. For example, /v1/.... As of December 16, 2014, the Log Delivery Service API has one version: v1.

When accessing the API, all documented REST resources are available under all versions, even if nothing to that call has changed. For example, /lds/v1/configurations was not changed between v1 and v2, but is accessible under both v1 and v2. The general idea is that clients can use a single version at a time, rather than mix versions from REST call to REST call.

Getting Help

If you encounter an issue that requires immediate assistance, contact Customer Care.