The User Administration API v1

The User Admin API lets you perform Create, Read, Update and Delete operations on Users, Groups, and Roles.


Users have access to Luna Control Center. The User APIs let you:

  • Assign roles to users
  • Get detailed information about a user, including assigned roles and the group(s) to which the user belongs.
  • Add new users
  • Reset an existing user’s password
  • Delete a user


A group is a collection of properties and users. Luna Control Center uses the group structure (hierarchy) for navigation.

By grouping properties, administrators can control access rights. You can collect groups into other groups.

For example, if you want only users from the Products division to access the property, you can assign the property and these users to the group called Products.

The Group APIs let you:

  • View information about a group
  • Move one group into another group
  • Move properties and users within a group
  • Restructure groups, or the items they contain
  • Delete empty groups
  • Save new groups


A role is a set of permissions assigned to a user. This role API lets you:

  • Create a custom role
  • Manage or grant permissions to users


An account is the highest level in the Luna Control Center content model hierarchy. It is identified by an account ID and a name, which typically matches the name of an organization.

This interface is read only. It provides details at the highest level for users, roles, and groups in an account.

To retrieve a list of an account’s roles, use the same method and resource as for roles:

GET [/user-admin/v1/accounts/{accountId}/roles].

Search across properties, users, roles, and groups within an account.

Last modified: 10/16/2017