Fast Purge API Debugging

This section shows you how to handle various kinds of errors the Fast Purge API generates, lists the range of HTTP status codes along with their likely causes.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you code test the response. The response is not hard coded, and can be different.

The format of error response objects follows the JSON Problem Details standard, and are identified with the application/api-problem+json content type.

The following example shows an error response for a request processed by Fast Purge.

    "supportId": "17PY1234567890123456-123456789",
    "title": "Unauthorized",
    "httpStatus": 401,
    "detail": "You are not authorized to invalidate this resource.",
    "describedBy": ""

The describedBy link describes the error code in more detail. For example, a link may provide the following information:

<body>Permission to purge an url was denied.<p>
The detail element of the response may contain additional information.</p>

HTTP Status Codes

The Fast Purge API responds with these standard HTTP response codes.

Code Description
201 Successful POST of a purge request.
400 Bad request. Often this is an error in the JSON purge request. Check all parameters.
401 The request requires authentication. Check credentials used to connect to the edge server.
403 Forbidden. The authorization token does not allow access to the resource. For example, the request may specify products not authorized on a contract. Check the authorizations for the client and the property configurations being purged.
413 Request entity too large. The request was denied because it exceeds the maximum message body size, which is 50,000 bytes. Review your request and edit as needed to be under the 50,000 byte limit.
415 Bad media type. Verify the following header is present in the request: Content-Type: application/json.
429 Too many requests. Exceeded the limit of requests per second (see Rate Limiting).
507 Insufficient Storage. The request was denied because it exceeds the purge limit. Retry your request after approximately 5 seconds.

Last modified: 4/5/2018