This is the definitive set of customer consumable APIs available from Akamai. Use the navigation on the left to find APIs broken down by category, find newly released APIs by status, or filter by key words to locate an API.

    Securely store and manage access keys for cloud origins independent of your property.

    Create and activate shared policies for Cloudlets.

    Create and manage policies and policy versions for Cloudlet applications on the edge.

    This API allows you to manage CloudTest Grids

    The Results Query API for CloudTest is a unified REST API that allows CloudTest customers to receive a JSON response with aggregate test data.

    Reports on real-time application activity, with aggregated metrics on complete request or response cycles and origin response times.

    Create and manage DataStream 1 configurations to send logs about edge request-response cycles to selected destinations.

    Use this tool with IoT Edge Connect to read aggregated messages from topics.

    Execute JavaScript at the edge to optimize performance and customize web experiences.

    Use FEO features to programmatically create modified versions of your assets that render faster.

    Manage Global Traffic Management (GTM) load balancing configurations.

    POST load data for a Global Traffic Management (GTM) domain and GET the current load state.

    Provides reports on GTM's real-time statistics like traffic, liveness, direct demand, load feedback, and latency.

    Maintain a catalog of source images, organize and transform the images, and make them available for delivery by the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

    The original version of the Image Manager API.

    Reserve namespaces and configure them for topic-based publish-subscribe messaging.

    Provides a storage service for uploading, managing, and downloading content from a key-value datastore.

    Securely update vehicle-specific software over cellular networks.

    For Internet of Things products, manage the public keys that authenticate JSON web token requests.

    Create and manage API keys. Control your API traffic with quotas and throttling.

    This API allows you to authenticate, interact with objects, and read and write seed data content.

    This API allows you to trigger and clear alerts from an external application.

    This API allows you to manage annotations.

    The mPulse Beacon API is a programmatic interface that you can use to send beacons from any web or mobile application to mPulse.

    The Query API for mPulse is a unified REST API that allows mPulse customers to fetch aggregate data and receive a JSON response with mPulse data.

    Register SaaS applications and customers, and manage their associations.

    A suite of tools to help you minimize performance impacts from JavaScripts. Use this API to retrieve or create Script Management policies.

    Upload and manage CA certificate trust chains to authenticate a client certificate from a user's browser.