Application Load Balancer Cloudlet

Maximize application performance and availability with fast, flexible, and reliable load balancing on the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

Cloudlets are small, value-added applications that complement our core delivery solutions to solve specific challenges that developers face. Cloudlets bring a content closer to the end user by placing it on the edge of the content delivery platform.

Akamai's Application Load Balancer (ALB) Cloudlet aims to solve the most common problems in load balancing by offering intelligent, scalable traffic management across on-premise and Cloud data centers without requiring the origin to send load feedback. Our cloudlet automatically routes traffic to multiple data sources while maintaining your custom routing policies and consistent visitor session behavior, vastly increasing efficiency and speed.

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Use Cases
  • Migrate from on-premise data center(s) to the Cloud.
  • Load balance traffic between multiple data sources and across different Cloud Service Providers.
  • Bring functionality to the edge of the Akamai network, resulting in fewer requests to origin.
  • Configure and maintain the Application Load Balancer’s behavior using intuitive and simple user interfaces (UI) as well as Akamai APIs
  • Hybrid Cloud Load Balancing
  • Cloud Migration
  • Active - Active Load Balancing
  • Active - Passive Load Balancing
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Custom Failover Scenarios
  • Cloud Scaling



    1. Optimize your application architecture for maximum resource efficiency.
    2. Balance multiple cloud providers with automated failover capabilities.
    3. Maintain consistent session behavior for your audience, avoiding disruption when outages occur.
    4. Scale web service capacity independently across various data sources.
    5. Achieve granular control of how requests are distributed among various origin data center balancing scenarios.