Akamai Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

If you're a customer of both Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Akamai, you can easily connect your Salesforce storefronts to Akamai’s cloud security and web performance solutions with the Akamai Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This can help you protect sites, mobile infrastructures, and API-driven requests from malicious attacks to help ensure end-user experiences are both optimized and secured.

As the only Salesforce-approved alternative to Commerce Cloud's embedded CDN solution, the Akamai content delivery network offers a broader array of cloud delivery enhancements and services to ensure you deliver the best end-user experience across the globe. 

Akamai Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

How Does the Akamai Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Work?

As depicted in the image above, a snippet of code is added to both the Salesforce Commerce Cloud's configurations as well as the merchant's Akamai configurations. This allows both configurations to "talk" to each other. From here, the content is delivered to the end user.


Key Benefits

  • Maintain your existing Akamai delivery service while communicating directly with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • Configure your site acceleration and protection features based on your company’s unique requirements.
  • Gain the flexibility to leverage additional Akamai products and features to further enhance performance, reliability, and security.


Getting Started with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud CDN Connector

The Akamai Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a free-add on for Akamai customers, and connecting your Salesforce Commerce Cloud property to Akamai is quick and simple. Just follow these three steps:

  1. Download the Akamai Connector from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Marketplace.
  2. Review our quick reference guide for setup instructions.
  3. Activate your settings and get connected to your Akamai delivery services.


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