This document details the process of troubleshooting mPulse SDK with your iOS application.

MPulse SDK iOS


  1. Check the API Key/ License used in the app, verify it with portalAPI key
  2. Remove any Empty space in API Key/ License
  3. Verify the structure of API Key/ License:akamai init
  4. Config received in app - If config is not received then API Key/ License is not entered correctly or limit(threshold) for Beacons is reached for the app.
  5. Config - if all the metrics and other information are added (you can check the URL in the browser). If any settings are added on Soasta portal ,eg you added a Metrics, this will take a couple of minutes to reflect in config.
  6. If Custom URLSession is used for network requests then interceptor needs to be added: [[AkaCommon shared] interceptSessionsWithConfiguration:sessionConfig];
  7. Check for third party framework used for network and image calls, interceptors will be required for these
  8. To gather more debug logs, enable debug logs in code:


    • [AkaCommon shared].debugConsoleEnabled = true;