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Mobile App

Mobile apps are one of the best ways to keep users engaged — but your customers expect apps to load quickly and images to look great no matter what. Content owners know this is no small challenge. A diverse ecosystem of devices, operating systems, and browsers means the target for developers is always moving. Mobile apps open up new revenue streams and new ways of engaging customers, but it also introduces development and operational challenges.

MAP Improvement

Mobile application data frequently needs to traverse variable cellular connectivity to reach your end-users. This data often can benefit from optimization while in transit. Akamai addresses mobile-specific performance at all critical layers: at the Internet core, at the Akamai Intelligent Platform edge, and over cellular networks to the device while creating experiences that are fast and relevant based on context to drive increased impressions, conversions, and brand loyalty.

  • Extend sessions through better user engagement: Akamai’s commitment to delivering the richest experience in the shortest amount of time begins with network deployments uniquely suited for cellular users and client-side technologies that are designed to allow for instantaneous app views and seamless browsing experiences based on network awareness, pre-caching and contextual prepositioning of content.
  • Optimize images for mobile apps: Akamai uses proprietary network detection routines to automatically determine if you are on a good or poor network and the device type. Apps can be made aware if they should request big bold images or compressed images, whether to serve contextually rich product videos and images or generic content from the device cache immediately to maximize the user experience.
  • Gain insight into user engagement to maximize agility & performance: Get on-device analytics into how real users interact with your application and characteristics including device, battery, 3rd party content, and network bandwidth, impact application performance and user behavior. We can do event-based monitoring and measuring to identify the quality of the user experience.

Mobile App Performance (MAP) SDK

The Akamai Mobile App Performance software development kit (MAP SDK), for both iOS and Android native apps, helps developers build the best possible mobile experience, even when connection speeds are slow or unavailable. This SDK effectively extends Akamai's intelligent edge platform to your mobile device, allowing you to customize and deliver instant app experiences based on network-awareness, and last-mile optimization technologies. Developers gain the ability to pre-position content to maintain quality experiences even when network quality degrades or users are offline. Additionally, this SDK gives you the real user and device insights, including tracking of custom events from the app to help tune mobile experiences over time.

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mPulse SDK

Akamai mPulse is a real user monitoring (RUM) solution that enables app developers, owners, admins, and performance engineers to easily track and measure mobile app performance problems and discover optimization opportunities that traditional testing methods can’t unveil. With mPulse, you gain actionable insights on how elements such as third-party resources, user interactions, and visual progress are impacting your application delivery and the end-user experience.

mPulse lets you quickly dive into detailed performance and error analyses, helping you understand the impact on critical user interaction metrics such as app views, conversions, and more. mPulse collects and returns data on your mobile app's performance and metrics on the user's experience. To accomplish this, Akamai provides iOS and Android SDK’s to collect and return data to your mPulse dashboards.

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