Product Lifecycle Update: Mobile App Performance (MAP) SDK will be discontinued in August 2021


We know that you have placed a great deal of trust in us by including the Mobile App Performance (MAP) SDK in your app, and we do not take this decision lightly. We built MAP SDK to help maximize performance for Mobile Apps.
While our teams did put quite some work over the years to add features while simplifying the framework, adoption for the SDK and its features continues to remain low as not everyone was excited about adding an SDK into their applications. Through discussions and reviews, we have understood that there is sensitivity to what developers are willing to add to their apps to keep maintenance and effort low in an agile environment and hence the low interest and most of our users prefer to understand the concept and to develop it in-house or using open source tools/resources. 

As the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform, Akamai is strongly committed to ongoing innovation and delivering the best solutions for our customers. To support our investment in innovation, it is necessary to also manage the lifecycle of each solution, product, and service based on customer adoption, market demands, and technology trends.

To honor this commitment, we have made the difficult decision to retire the following products that are part of your existing contract:


Affected Product on Contract

Effective Date: August 31, 2021

Retired Product: Mobile App Performance (MAP) SDK

Order Item on Contract Affected*: Akamai SDK -Mobile App Performance


* The retired product is either the order Item or a feature of the order item.

Existing configurations for these products will be deactivated on the Akamai portal as per the stated effective end date or the date your current contract ends, whichever is earlier.  If you have questions or concerns about this retirement program, please contact your account team for more details.

The flagship feature which contributed the most to enhance app performance was pre-caching within Mobile App Performance (MAP) SDK and here is an article for you to learn how we did this.