Authenticate Akamai APIs in Postman

Postman now features the Akamai EdgeGrid authentication method, so you can easily use Akamai APIs in the Postman app.


Quickly Make API Calls

With Postman’s built-in Akamai EdgeGrid authentication method, you can quickly and easily send requests with Akamai’s 100+ APIs.

Build Out Your DevOps Practice

Akamai APIs provide a robust toolset for automation. You can automate tasks like purging, reporting, and running diagnostics.

Easily Explore Akamai APIs

Postman’s UI makes it easy to conceptualize the power of Akamai APIs. You can easily view and work with each request to see our APIs in action.

Create Custom Documentation

Create documentation for your team to ensure that they have the resources needed to create amazing web and app experiences for your end-users.

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Getting Started is Easy

Learn how to quickly get started with Postman and authenticating your APIs with EdgeGrid. 

Get Started
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Explore Akamai Open APIs

Akamai APIs have all sorts of capabilities that make it easier for you to manage and run your websites and apps. Explore Akamai APIs to learn how you can easily create fast, intelligent, and secure experiences - directly via API call.

Explore APIs

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