Welcome to the Akamai Developer Blog

Welcome to the Akamai Developer Blog

December 18, 2016 by Mario Korf

Hail and well met, and welcome to the new Akamai Developer blog!

Our corporate blog at is a great source for all things Akamai, but we wanted to create a separate blog channel just for you, the Akamai developer.

Here you'll find the latest announcements, tutorials, best practices, and thought-provoking articles on how to get the most out of Akamai technology. Full transparency. No marketing. No fluff. Just the straight dope on how to git er done.

The Akamai Developer blog is just one part of our new Akamai Developer program, designed to make you faster, more productive, and successful with Akamai products. Our new program will include in-person events, webinars, videos, tutorials, and a whole lot more.

We hope you enjoy the blog and we invite you to contribute. Have something to share on the blog? We're interested in what you're doing, so send us your ideas and we'll work with you to post your content here.

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