Akamai Dev Zone at Edge

Akamai Edge 2016 Recap

January 18, 2017 by Michael Bettendorf

For this year's Akamai Edge Conference we massively expanded our developer outreach with our first ever Developer Zone; an area of the conference created entirely for our developer community.

It was a great success, with some attendees spending the majority of their time in the Developer Zone getting hands-on with new and existing technology alike. Developers got a close look at new mobile technologies, hard copies of brand new cheat sheets, a dedicated Tech Bar for questions, access to our Engineers and other team members, and of course plenty of developer-focused sessions.

Developer sessions at Edge included the following:


  • Your hero Image Needs You! - Tobias Bladauf explains the correlation between images and page load time, and how to optimize image delivery using HTTP2's superpowers.
  • Promise of Push - Colin Bendell gives you the lowdown on Push: how it works, how to test, and what you need to know when building Push apps.
  • Irresistible APIs - Kirsten Hunter walks you down the path of creating an API while avoiding common pitfalls.
  • What Slows You Down? Your Network or Your Device? - Moritz Steiner delves into the problem at hand - it's in your hand! In this session, mobile device limitations and complex web pages get a hard looking into.
  • Pages That Pop, Through Layered Cache Techniques - Martin Flack examines and explains techniques for creating fast-loading pages that pop on any device.


Don't worry if you missed out on this years event, we've created the recap page which highlights the activities that took place in the Developer Zone including recordings of all the Developer Track sessions, links to download the new Developer Cheat Sheets, and photos from the event. Enjoy, and we'll see you again with an even bigger and better Developer Zone!