Which APIs Can My Client Access?

by Javier Garza

Ever wonder which APIs your client can access, and whether you have read/write privileges? This blog will help you identify the type of access your API client has. This can be a godsend if you are debugging access issues with a given API client.

You’ll be using two command-line developer tools (HTTPie, and optionally jq), and two UNIX tools (tr and sed) to format the output. The command is just the first line (which have line-breaks for readability), the other lines are the output.

Note: If you don’t have, or don/t want to install jq, you could use this command instead:

Implementation Notes

  • See this blog for more information on using HTTPie and jq with the Akamai APIs.
  • You can type “man tr” or “man sed” on a UNIX system for more information about those two commands.

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