Ion 3.0 for Developers

Fri, Mar 3rd, 2017 | Mario Korf

The latest release of Akamai Ion is now available! This is big news for developers and especially mobile developers, as it contains new features and capabilities designed to address mobile web and mobile app challenges.

Mobile Application Performance SDK

This version of Ion introduces the Mobile Application Performance (MAP) SDK, which helps you create seamless mobile experiences by intelligently pre-positioning content to offer consistent experiences across varying network conditions – even when connectivity is lost. This works in conjunction with SureRoute for Cellular, which can help overcome congestion and latency in last-mile networks by finding the fastest route through the cellular network to the Edge server.

The SDK also gives you real user analytics on the device type, battery, third-party content, and network bandwidth, and how these impact application performance and user behavior. This in-depth information let's you find and fix performance issues as they are experienced on the device (as opposed to "guessing" what the issues are based on more high level analytics obtained over the network). Another way to think about this is, it's like having Google developer tools installed in your app on the device. This lets you find out how things actually took to load onto the device as opposed to trying to guesstimate the timeframe based on data obtained from the Edge.

Note that the MAP SDK is available exclusively to Ion Premier and Ion Media Advanced customers, so if this feature is ticking all your boxes, talk with your Akamai sales rep about upgrading.

Adaptive Acceleration

Akamai Ion is powered by a learning engine that detects and remembers user and device characteristics. The learning engine automatically determines the optimal time to preemptively push content or pre-connect to 3rd party resources before they are requested by the browser. These strategies help to ensure user experiences are fast, seamless, and optimized for their browsing context.

Adaptive Acceleration improves the time to first byte by 35% or more, and can typically improve the rendering process on the device by 5%. The end result: faster load times and more engaged users. See the following community post on Turning on Adaptive Acceleration for more info.

Easy Setup and Configuration

For developers who are new to Akamai, we just made your initial setup and configuration about a gazillion times easier. Akamai’s new Onboard and Configuration Assistant (OCA) is designed to be completed with just 15 minutes of seat time, after which you'll get a highly-customized, complete configuration with automatic image optimization.

When using OCA, your images are automatically "lightened" by intelligently calculating and applying a precise degree of compression. This allows us to achieve the maximum level of byte reduction with no noticeable perception to the human eye. Faster loading with no loss in quality is a win-win, and something your users will be sure to appreciate.

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