Akamai Developer Cheat Sheets

by Mario Korf

At the 2016 Akamai Edge Conference we handed out brand new developer cheat sheets. If you missed us there, you can download the PDFs and print them out. These are great posted on your wall, or otherwise kept handy for quick reference. You can read about each cheatsheet below, or get them all in a Zip file here.

Alerts API – The Alerts API allows you to configure notifications about significant changes to your traffic based on continual tracking by Akamai’s network monitoring platform. It allows you to create and modify alerts based on a wide range of criteria, both static and dynamic, and to configure reports on anomalies.

HTTPie-Edgegrid – HTTPie is a command line HTTP client with an intuitive UI, JSON support, syntax highlighting, and more. HTTPie-Edgegrid is a plugin for HTTPie that offers a simple command-line interface for of interacting with the Akamai OPEN APIs.

Property Manager API (PAPI) – The Property Manager API lets you manage the hostnames and rules that control how Akamai serves your content. Some key new features available via PAPI include Fast Activation and Variables.

Traffic Management API – The Traffic Management API allows you to use Akamai’s Dynamic DNS-based network to map domains to data centers or for cloud-based server load balancing.

Akamai Cloudlets API – Cloudlets are value-added applications that complement Akamai’s core delivery solutions to solve specific business challenges. Cloudlets bring a site’s business logic closer to the end user by placing it on the “edge” of the content delivery platform.

Open API Authentication and Provisioning – This cheatsheet walks you through the process of creating credentials in the Luna Control Center which will allow you to authenticate and make requests to the Akamai OPEN APIs

Content Control Utility and Fast Purge APIs – This API allows you to purge any set of cached URLs or content controlled under a CP code. However you have set up your content to cache on Akamai’s edge servers, this overrides that behavior and forces a refresh from your origin. Purges with v2 takes approximately 4–7 minutes to propagate across the world.

Python and PHP Signing Libraries – This library implements an authentication handler for the Akamai OPEN EdgeGrid Authentication scheme in Python.

Node and Ruby Signing Libraries – This library implements an authentication handler for the Akamai OPEN EdgeGrid Authentication scheme in Node.js.

Java and GO Signing Libraries – This library implements an authentication handler for OPEN EdgeGrid Authentication for the Java language.

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