Velocity, San Jose

Akamai at Velocity, San Jose: Distributed Systems and Web Performance

June 16, 2017 by Sonia Advani

The O'Reilly Velocity Convention is the place where industry leaders come together to share their latest work in distributed systems and how to scale complicated applications to customer bases that are growing as fast as the internet.

Akamai is no stranger to running massively distributed systems, and we always love being inspired by the work put forth by all the folks in the industry. The work around microservices and infrastructure resiliency has been particularly exciting in the past 18 months. We're proud to sponsor Velocity, and are looking forward to hearing more from industry leaders.

Stop by our booth (#501) right up in front for a demo of Akamai for DevOps that our Evangelists will be delivering during all the breaks. Akamai for DevOps is a brand new initiative we have to empower developers to integrate Akamai into their workflows and streamline how they manage their configuration.

While you're at our booth, grab a developer t-shirt and some other fun swag, show your creativity on our Lego wall, and enter to win our killer prize: LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Episode IV!

We've also created an lounge area within our booth for you to relax, recharge your electronics, and recharge yourself with snacks and fun 3D tattoo stickers. We're also sponsoring and participating in the Velocity Code Game.

We’re stoked to connect Akamai’s technology with the tools you’re already using and help you create more awesome experiences. If you’d like to see an integration with part of your tech stack, please let us know!

Exploring new career opportunities? We'll have a recruiter onsite to discuss the opportunities at Akamai!

We're looking forward to meeting you. Maybe we'll get a chance to eat some of the killer ramen San Jose is known to for, but I'll pass on the togarashi shaker.

Hope to see you all there!

Best Wishes, Sonia Advani Head of Events, Programs, and Community Akamai Developers