Introducing Akamai CLI for Visitor Prioritization

August 15, 2017 · by Andrew Tsai ·

Part of the Akamai Cloudlets family, Visitor Prioritization (typically referred to as simply VP) has long been an integral component in allowing our customers to protect their origins in a flexible, on-demand, real-time manner. By offering user-friendly waiting rooms and extremely customizable rules, VP helps provide a positive user experience even when traffic volumes are unpredictable or during any time of origin difficulty.

While updates to the VP policies are real-time, traditionally our customers have logged into Luna, manually cloned a policy, made the necessary throttle updates and only then can they activate the new version with their changes.

screenshot: settingscreenshot: settings

When trying to throttle a site, speed is of the essence and shouldn’t be limited by how fast someone can login and navigate various menu clicks.


Using the Command Line

With Akamai CLI for Visitor Prioritization, all of the actions can be invoked using a single command, making it quick and easy to make these changes.

In addition to updating policies, Akamai CLI for Visitor Prioritization has numerous other features such as being able to see which version is live and what the current ruleset is, reviewing previous versions, updating the throttle percentage, or disabling a current rule.

You can also activate a previously known good version or download the raw rules to manage however you like. The commands are as follows (see the Github repository for full details):

  • help — you shouldn’t need to read a book to get started, everything should be discoverable from the tool itself
  • list — list the current VP policies
  • show — show any relevant details for a specified VP policy
  • throttle — invoke an actual percentage change or disable a specified rule
  • activate — activate a policy to the appropriate network
  • download — download the raw policy details for edit or management as desired
  • create-version — create a new policy version


Getting Started

If you have don’t yet have Akamai CLI installed, first follow the install instructions found here. Once you’re up and running, installing the Akamai CLI for Visitor Prioritization is simple, using akamai install:

$ akamai install visitor-prioritization

Ensure your credentials have Cloudlets API access and you’re off and running. By default, Akamai CLI for Visitor Prioritization uses the cloudlet credential set.

Once installed, usage is simple after running setup:

$ akamai visitor-prioritization setup

Then, for example, to set the throttle percentage to 50% for the Cart rule in the www_main policy on production, you would use:

$ akamai visitor-prioritization throttle –-percent 50 –-policy www_main --rule "Cart" –-network production


screenshot: visitor prioritization throttle

We hope to see Akamai CLI for Visitor Prioritization becoming part of your standard toolkit, either as a manual command line tool, or as part of your larger DevOps pipeline for managing origin infrastructure.

We’re excited to have you try this out and would love to hear any feedback. Happy Throttling (but only if you have to!)