Developer Sessions at Akamai Edge

Akamai Edge Developer Sessions FTW!

September 26, 2017 by Mario Korf

Akamai Edge is just over two weeks away, and if you’re a developer, you might be wondering, what’s in it for you? Our VP of Developer Marketing, Nick Tran already gave a quick overview of the Developer Zone, so I’d like to tell you specifically about the sessions.

We’ll have 60 developer sessions, ranging from setting up your Akamai configuration, to DevOps, web performance, security, mobile, and more. There’s a lot to choose from, and certainly more than we can describe in detail here. But let's cover the highlights that you’ll want to check out.

We've organized everything by category - DevOps, Web Performance and Monitoring, Mobile, and Security.



DevOps is a major topic this year, and a good chunk of sessions are dedicated to the triumphs and tribulations of working towards fully automated deployment and delivery. Several of the sessions help you work with Akamai configurations as code, including automation, delivery, tools and other products to get you there. You’ll also hear from customers such as Dell, Lowe's, and Sony PlayStation. Every company adopts DevOps a bit differently, so you'll get a handful of different perspectives and be able apply what you learn back at your own company. If you're just starting to explore DevOps, seeing how other customers implemented DevOps could be worth the price of admission alone.

In addition to the customer use cases cited above, other DevOps sessions include:

Dev 1008 - "EdgeWorkers: Enabling Autonomous, Developer Friendly Programming at the Edge”

Take a sneak peek into our Akamai developer lab. Join this session to brainstorm and learn about our prototype design to integrate Akamai more seamlessly into concurrent dev stream environments, in a syntax more familiar to developers.

Dev1026 - “PAPI and Python. How to automate Akamai”

Perhaps you’ve heard about PAPI (Property Manager API), but are afraid to use it because you think it's complicated. It doesn't have to be! In this session we demonstrate all the steps needed to create a Luna API user and interact with the portal via your favorite scripting language (Python)! This session includes a brief presentation of the Akamai APIs, a Luna demo to create keys, and a lab with hands-on development using Python to automate Akamai.

Dev 1032 - “DevOps with Akamai APIs”

Learn how a team developed a configuration as code solution for applications with Akamai integrations. The solution leverages continuous integration, delivery and testing with focus on automation through Akamai APIs. During the talk, you’ll see an orchestrated approach using Java and CICD tools to achieve a true DevOps model.


Web Performance and Monitoring

User satisfaction is directly related to your site’s speed, and so monitoring and improving your site is always a hot topic. This year at Edge we've selected session topics that are geared towards real-world performance. How do users react to different site speeds? How does that impact your conversion rates and bottom line? How can you reliably measure first and third-party content?

Some highlights in this area include the following.

Dev 1022 - “Care About Having Real-Time Middle Mile Visibility in Your CDN Behavior?”

Learn how DataStream provides you with real-time visibility into app performance. This session covers real-time data feeds, real-time aggregated stats from DataStream, real-time data governance, and how to access to raw and aggregated data using API's.

Dev 1040 - “Best practices: Tuning Performance, Offload and Operational Efficiency on Akamai”

Learn how, the world's largest scale modeling website moved to Akamai. Hear about their approach and best practices organizing, monitoring and tuning their properties for performance, offload and operational efficiency.

Dev 1046 - “Too Slow to Fail: How Users Really React to the Speed of Your Site”

Akamai mPulse allows us to apply data science to performance and user behavior data; from this we can extract valuable insight about how users really react to the quality of their web experiences. The talk will cover questions like: How does the performance of your advertising partner impact conversion rate? Do mobile users prefer rich imagery or a faster experience? You’ll leave this talk with a new-found passion for web performance and an insight into the latest trends in data visualizations.

Dev 1010 - "Reliably Measuring Responsiveness in the Wild”

Learn about new web performance APIs that enable developers to reliably measure responsiveness and correctly identify first- and third-party culprits for bad experiences. See how these measurements compare to business metrics using real-world data and demonstrate how you can detect issues and reliably measure responsiveness in the wild, both at page load and postload, and then how you can thwart the culprits. By the end, you'll understand how to gather the data you need to hold your third-party scripts accountable.



With more and more traffic moving to mobile, a mobile-first attitude is a must. Here are a couple sessions that will help you create a supercharged mobile experience for your users.

Dev 1012 - “Five Steps to Create an Engaging and Fast Mobile App Experience."

A technical session where we share our best practices on how identify and fix mobile app experiences. We look at how we can offload your APIs, resize your images without degrading quality, preload content into your app for rich and engaging apps and accelerate your APIs and images by dynamically adapting our network stack based on incoming request characteristics.

Admin 1016 - “Improving Mobile Performance - Simple Tips and Tricks”

Mobile apps have emerged as the key engagement channel for businesses to connect with their most valuable customers. In this session, you’ll learn some simple techniques to enhance mobile performance. Some of the features we will cover are performance benefits of IPv6, image optimization, Mobile App Performance SDK, next-gen protocols (H2).



There are ten breakout sessions on security alone, from high-level architectural discussions to hands-on sessions where you and your laptop enter the fight against malicious attackers.

Dev 1014: “The Path from Simple to Sophisticated Cloud Delivery”

Learn how the various solutions Akamai offers build into one coherent architecture that ensures every user gets the optimal experience every time, while mitigating malicious users. Take a journey from "just get me started on Akamai” to Ion, fully enabled with KSD, Client-rep, Botman, Image Manager, and mPulse.

Dev 1020 - "When the Walls Fell: Barbarians in the Throne Room”

Learn how to best protect your digital assets by first understanding the sheer magnitude that a data breach can have on an enterprise. In this talk, Dave Lewis reviews his findings after analyzing hundreds of data breach disclosures to show you what went wrong so you can do what it takes to protect your data.

Admin 1010 - "SOCC Mitigation Front Lines it's War"

Threats are everywhere you look on today’s Internet, and Akamai’s Security Operations Control Center (SOCC) is literally on the front lines of the battle to protect our customers and rapidly mitigate threats. In this hands-on session, Timothy Kukler teaches you about the current trends and latest mitigation strategies – and not just for botnet or DDoS mitigation. Bring your laptops and click along on the Akamai web portal!


And a Lot More!

The sessions I highlighted above are just a taste of what's waiting for you at Edge. If you're looking for something specific, see the Session Browser tool. This allows you to filter by topic areas, role, industry, etc, and find the content you're looking for.

While the sessions will be recorded for those that can't make it, I invite you to be more than a fly on the wall, and to join the conversation. See you in Las Vegas!