Akamai Developer Zone

The Answer to Your Burning Question...

Wed, Oct 4th, 2017 | Jessica Mills

People come to software conferences for a variety of reasons, and with different expectations. But one thing everyone has in common is that they all have at least one burning question.

Maybe you’re new to Akamai and you have a whole slough of beginner questions. We love those, fire away! Or maybe you’re a developer with a specific API question. Bring it on! Or perhaps you’re an Akamai veteran who’s tried to figure something out on your own and you’ve hit a wall. Give us a crack at it! Whatever it is, come up to the Akamai Genius Bar and ask us that burning question; it’s what we’re here for.

The Genius Bar has experts on staff every day to answer your questions. Walk-ins are welcome if we have room, but you’re better off making a reservation. Use this online form to make an appointment.

Genius Bar hours: Wednesday: 12:30pm - 1:30pm and 3pm - 5pm Thursday: 10am - 5pm Friday: 9:30am - 11am

We look forward to seeing you there!