Developer Zone at Edge 2017

Sessions for Admins in the Developer Zone at Edge 2017

October 5, 2017 by Mario Korf

We recently did a post on the Developer Sessions at Edge, and I also want to highlight some sessions for Admins. Because, despite the name, the Developer Zone isn’t just for developers. If you’re an administrator, or someone who creates or modifies Akamai configurations, there are experiences at Edge just for you!

You can find all of the sessions using the handy session browser, but let me highlight just a few sessions you’ll want to check out.


Burney Twins, Activate!

We featured the Burney sisters in a previous blog post, and we’re excited that the dynamic duo are leading an Edge session in the Developer Zone. In their talk “Assessing your own Site Configuration”, Sabrina and Sonja show you how to use industry-standard tools to find performance pitfalls on your site, and how to fix them.


One if by Land, Two if by Mobile

The mobile user base continues to grow, becoming an ever increasing part of how business is done. Here are a couple mobile sessions.

Mobile Testing Workbench

This session covers important tools that should be a part of every mobile toolbox. Find out about tried-and-true synthetic and RUM platforms, as well as a range of (free!) tools that help you diagnose and uncover mobile performance problems. To learn how to measure and optimize mobile experience for iOS and Android, you’ll want to check out “Mobile Testing Workbench.”

Improving Mobile Performance - Simple Tips and Tricks

Mobile apps are the best way for businesses to connect with their most valuable customers. In this session, you’ll learn some simple techniques to enhance mobile performance, such as IPv6, image optimization, the Mobile App Performance (MAP) SDK, and HTTP2. All this and more in “Improving Mobile Performance - Simple Tips and Tricks.”


Fail Gracefully

You can put off your taxes all you like, but they're going to happen no matter what. It's the same thing with data-center errors. Timeouts, slow databases, dropped responses and the like are all going to happen, and you need a solid risk-mitigation strategy to fail gracefully.

In “Failover Early: When to Failover at Your CDN,” you’ll learn how to use your CDN as a failover tool. We’ll explore use cases and best practices, and you’ll find out if using a CDN for failover is right for your business.

If failover is a hot topic for you, you’ll also want to check out “Bot Manager + Cloudlets: Strengthen Your Bot Mitigation Capability” to see how Akamai Bot Manager can be paired with Phased Release Cloudlet to achieve dynamic and nearly instant bot-traffic mitigation. We'll demo and share how Bot Manager and this popular cloudlet work together, seamlessly leveraging Cloudlets fast propagation mechanism and API-friendly characteristics on top of Bot Manager's intelligent detection capability.


Real User Measurement Predicts Gains (and Losses)

Real user measurement provides the “ground truth” about your customers’ online experience, and you can use that to make connections between the performance of your site and what matters to your business. How does performance connect with engagement and conversion? What do I prioritize for my next release? How are third-party services affecting experience? Join “Connecting Web Performance to Business Results Using mPulse” to learn how to use Akamai mPulse to make these strategic business connections at the speed of the web.

We’re excited to see you all at Edge next week!